Philly’s | Boltens Food Court

I went to Boltens Food Court on Friday, it’s a new food marked in Copenhagen, only a stone’s throw from Kongens Nytorv. They have 19 national and international food stalls. I really wanted to try Philly’s and omg they did not disappoint!

We went there on a Friday night, so the entire place was buzzing. Philly’s was extremely busy, but they were not stressed in the slightest. If they where it didn’t show at all. They were really kind and accommodating. I got a steak combo, so a cheese steak sandwich, fries, a coke, and chili mayo. We waited a while for our food but it was worth the wait.  The sandwich was so good, the meat melted in your mouth and I’m just glad I don’t work in the city anymore, I mean I’d go there too often to get my new cheese steak sandwich fix.


When you receive your order, you also get a pair of gloves and at first, I was laughing at them because I thought it was a gimmick, but then when I started eating my sandwich it totally made sense. Even the bun was oily, so the gloves were much appreciated. I only have one regret, and it’s that I didn’t get their Heart Attack, which is a toast with Nutella, marshmallows, and peanut butter. It sounds like an absolute dream dessert.

Boltens Food Court and Philly’s are both worth a visit and I think we’ll go again for Aliya’s birthday next month.

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