| Save your time and money – DO NOT buy from them!

These unprofessional and rude people ruined my daughters 4th birthday party. Ever since her kindergarten-BFF had a unicorn cake for her birthday last year Aliya has been asking for one.

So on March 29th, I placed an order on their website for a unicorn cake for 20 people. I wrote in that order that I was going to be picking up the cake on May 1st at 10:00 and then I made the mistake of writing to them that I would be needing it at 11:00 so hence I was picking it up at 10:00. On May 1st my sister goes to pick up the cake and she is told that they haven’t made it. THEY HAVE NOT MADE OUR UNICORN CAKE.


Order placed on March 29th.
I wrote in the order that I was going to pick it up at 10:00 on May 1st as I needed it at 11:00.


Then they tell her that they can have it done in 20 minutes, then 30 minutes and finally they tell her they’ll need one hour. Mind you that their last-minute cakes which are plain compared to the unicorn cake needs to be ordered the day before at the latest. Which I assume means that they were just going to throw something together for us. Something sub-par. I can’t imagine them making a good unicorn cake for me in 20,30 or even 60 minutes when their plain cakes need to be ordered 24 hours in advance.  They try to pressure us to accept this sub-par unicorn cake and tell us that we can talk about compensation later. The staff at the store, one of whom is the CEO’s cousin tells us we’ll be compensated later, she can’t make any decisions so we’ll have to wait for the CEO to contact us. Alarm bells are going off and I know that if I’m not paying attention I will get scammed by these people.


I end up calling the CEO and she flat out refuses any sort of compensation even though her staff at her shop promised us we would be compensated. The CEO tells me that she can deliver the cake at the time when I need it which is 11:00. Um, what? That was not the deal. These people did not care, they tried to scam us and when that didn’t work they tried to make it seem like I was the one being uncooperative.


This nonsense is pretty self-explanatory. An apology would have nice, but you had to go with “a mistake” …

If I wanted this much headache, I would have made it myself. The reason why I buy cakes is that I don’t want the headache. I just want to be able to pick it up and serve it. In Aliya’s four years of life, she’s had +19 birthday (we celebrated monthly birthdays her first year and she gets up to three cakes for her actual birthday, one for the Kindergarten, one for the family and one for her birthday party) cakes and it’s never been an issue, usually, bakers know how to do their jobs.

I’m not the only person who has been dissatisfied with their “service”. I found the following two reviews on google. They’re in Danish but you can google them and google will them translate them into English for you.

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