UMI | A Japanese Sushi Restaurant

Eid Mubarak!!! I hope everyone celebrating had a wonderful eid, we had a very chilled week-day eid.

I’ve been wanting to try UMI for a while, so we went there on Tuesday for Eid. It’s across the street from Vanløse metro and train station. We went there on a Tuesday afternoon and they were almost fully booked. They do both á la carte and all you can eat. We always go for all you can eat.

The Interior


The interior is very modern, I like everything from the chairs to the wooden tables, the walls, and especially their lamps. The ceramic plates and dishes are a nice touch. I love the whole ambiance of Umi.



They have a whole selection of MOCKTAILS on their Drink Menu. I didn’t get past the virgin mojito, but they had 8-10 mocktail options. I was very excited about this because I don’t drink alcohol and usually, I have to ask for a virgin drink and then there’s a whole conversation around that because some places still charge you the original amount even though I’m getting an alcohol-free version. It’s a lot more fun to just order a drink and not have a full conversation about it, my Muslim peeps will understand this struggle.



For starters, we got Ebi Tempura, Salmon Tempura, and Salmon sticks. Now that I am looking at these pictures I’m realizing that I didn’t get my usual must-haves which are the seaweed salad, Edamame Beans both the regular ones and the spicy ones. But I think I was too excited about the sushi that I may or may not have forgotten, haha.

The Sushi


We ordered two rounds of sushi, and everything was delicious. It was probably one of the best sushi I’ve ever had and I eat a lot of sushi. Everything was fresh and tasteful, we didn’t leave a single piece behind. Aliya was her usual self switching between salmon nigiri and salmon, tuna and avocado hosomaki.


All of their staff was very sweet, kind, and accommodating, especially their waiter Alex who served us.


Their all you can eat is on the pricier side compared to other sushi restaurants in Vanløse, but it isn’t the most expensive sushi restaurant in Vanløse. We went to UMI on a Tuesday after 16:00 and paid 208,- pr person and 104,- for Aliya, excluding drinks.

Umi’s all you can eat prices

Monday – Thursday (12:00 – 16:00): 188,- DKK
Monday – Thursday (16:00 – 22:00): 208,- DKK
Friday – Sunday: 228,- DKK

Final Thoughts

I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. They were fully booked and still made us feel like we were the only costumers there. It was so easy to order, and they got our orders right every time, and I really like the fact that you don’t have to fill out a piece of paper when ordering. Everything is done thru the tablet and they have pictures so it’s easier for my parents and Aliya to decide what they want. I’m really hyped about their mocktails, obviously, haha. Their starters and sushi were all amazing. There was not a single thing I would change.

They are very accommodating to Muslims. You have to book a table in advance and tell them that you want your soy sauce alcohol-free and your deep-fried items fried in separate oil than their beef and pork. The fish and chicken are halal, their beef is not halal and of course, the pork isn’t halal.



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